About Me

Hello stranger on the web and thank you for visitng my homepage! My name is Benjamin Schaedlich and I live in one of the greatest cities on the planet – Berlin Germany. I am 26 years old and interested in almost anything that touches the field of computers, electronics and creative arts. I love open source projects, linux and music. I am a computer specialised focused on networking and computer administration. My daily task involve scripting in Powershell, Bash and Python. I nativly use Linux on my software development projects because it offers a great platform with a lot of insight on how the things come together as a whole. If you have any questions and/or want to get involved in any project let me now and contact me through the contact field.

Programming Languages

Python 90%
Java 80%
PHP 60%

Scripting Languages

Powershell 60%
Shell 30%

What am I offering?


Backend development and system architecture is critical to any software project. Only with the right combination you well get a functional and stable application with high performance.


When it comes to design there is a lot more than just branding the look. Design is the node between functionality and usability and follows a simple rule: Form follows function.

Creative Arts

Over 10 years as a semi-professional musican made me into an ethusiast producer of Beats and Instrunentals. My skillset includes mixing aswell as mastering.